Strategic Innovation

Innovators don’t do different things, they do things differently. Innovation is part of the human DNA. Innovation distinguishes a leader from a  follower. Innovation refers to the activity of people or organizations to change themselves and their environment. It is the successful exploitation of new concepts and ideas that are brought to market, put into practice, maybe leading to new products, processes, systems,  attitudes, or services that improve something or add value. It involves an individual stance, an organizational process, and a social movement all put together. The need for the creative orientation may be due to unsatisfactory existing circumstances and conditions in the organization, new opportunities socially, or implementation of the latest technology.

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Make or Buy Decision

Make or Buy have increased progressively over the years. For example, the Fashion Industry (Nike) (all manufacturing outsourced), and Electronics  Industry-Cisco (major suppliers across the world), Apple (over 70% of components outsourced). Brands such as Hewlett-Packard and PalmOne collaborate with Asian suppliers on the design of their PDAs.

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Technology and Multinational Companies

MNC’s significant contribution is in the field of technology transfer which it offers to host countries. In developing countries, the low intensity of technology restricts investment and competitive development. Technology is essential to generate capital and advancement in developing economies. Technology and innovation are measures of competitive strength for the organization of the developing countries. For example, China has developed its competence for technology and innovation through FDI by MNC spillovers.
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Emerging Economies

Emerging economies are nations comprising of the world’s major potential markets which include global brands and innovation. They are showing quick economic growth due to industrialization, market growth, liberalization of investments and trade policy reforms. They have rich market opportunities and high demand for both consumer and industrial products and services. Emerging economies include, the combined economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs) appear likely to become the largest global economic group by the middle of this century. (Cheng, Gutierrez, Mahajan, Shachmurove, and Shahrokhi, 2007) Read More

Call Center

Recently many organizations decided to move some part of their organization abroad. The most universal example is call centers. It plays a key role in the service industries. There has been an enormous increase in the number of large organizations entering India. The demand for call centers has become very popular among customers. For example, according to Forsyth, 2004 10 million consumers use telephone banking in Britain. As a result of such developments, over the past few years, call centers represent a new form of work and have been gaining academic attention. Read More